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Christ Church Children's Center

Check Out These Helpful Links for At-Home Learning

Plastic Easter Egg Activities!

Looking for some fun activities with items in your house?  This link has over 45 fun learning ideas using all those plastic Easter Eggs!  

Easter Science & STEM Activities

Do Peeps float?  Can you build a structure of jellybeans?  This website has all kinds of science experiments using Easter candy and decorations!

Planting a 

"Regrow Garden"

Can't get to the store to buy seeds but want to start a garden?  This website highlights some of the easiest vegetables to regrow from scraps!

Rainy Day 

Indoor Games 

April showers getting you down?  Check out these creative rainy day activities that help burn energy, too!

Museum of Science

This is a collection of STEM resources and activities designed to bring the Museum of Science to you!  It includes everything from live streaming presentations, “ask a scientist”, and downloadable STEM activities for families 

PBS Kids

Are you are looking for a ways to help explain the Coronavirus to children?  This article is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers of young children.  The website also offers a variety of activity ideas for family fun and at-home learning.


Scholastic's "Learn at Home" site provides free activities designed to reinforce and sustain learning opportunities for those students unable to attend school.  Age appropriate, day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing.

Cosmic Kids

CCCC parents have loved Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube, reporting that children of all ages will enjoy these classes.  Classes focus on teaching yoga and mindfulness through stories and adventures with  active screen time